Regular or periodic cleaning and maintenance of commercial kitchens is paramount to health and safety in food preparation establishments.

Australian Food Standards require that comprehensive standards are met in the operation and maintenance of commercial kitchens. If these standards are not met, businesses face the risk of closure, prosecution, reputation damage and, of course, the catastrophic scenario of fire.  In the event of such a disastrous event such as a fire, you may also run the risk of having an insurance claim rejected if you cannot prove that your kitchen equipment and systems have not been adequately maintained.

Poorly maintained kitchens can result in food contamination, working environment deterioration and that ever-present danger of combustion in the kitchen itself or the hidden ductwork that exhausts fumes and smoke from the working areas.

Deluxe Maintenance Services can mitigate these risks with our comprehensive maintenance programs to ensure your most important asset not only runs safely, but also complies with all the OHS and Food Safety Standards.


Canopy Cleaning and Maintenance

Kitchen canopies or hoods are in the front line of the activities in the commercial kitchen!

Fumes, smoke and extracts are exhausted out of the cooking area through the canopy.  Over time, the canopy will build up residual grease and material that can harbour contaminants, bacteria and even attract pest infestation.  The heat generated from the cooking also increases the risk of combustion of these greasy deposits.

Regular maintenance of the canopy itself is critical. Deluxe Maintenance Services offer a regular service schedule that includes the inspection and cleaning of the canopy.


Ductwork Cleaning

The canopy is the visible part of a much larger exhaust system in the commercial kitchen.  Behind the canopy itself, is an extensive system of ducting which vents the fumes and smoke out of the building.  Because it is not easily accessible, it is often neglected during day to day cleaning.  However, this is where the danger lies!

Fire authorities report that build up of grease and contaminants in the ductwork is often the primary cause of fires they have attended in commercial kitchens.

Because the ductwork is largely unseen and can travel throughout a building to the outlet, it requires specialist equipment to ensure all the ducting is cleaned and free from greasy deposits.

Dangerously greasy ductwork puts the whole building at risk, should it build up to such as level as to be combustible.

Deluxe Maintenance provide a complete ckeaning and maintenance service for ductwork wherever ducting is accessible and safe to do so.


Exhaust Fan and Ventilation Maintenance

The fans that create the vacuum to expel fumes and smoke, can also become clogged and dirty. This not only creates the risks described above, but also significantly diminishes their efficiency.
This will result in the extractors not working properly and a build up of fumes, smoke and other contaminants entering the working environment. Occupational Health and Safety requires the workplace to be safe and comfortable for staff to work in.

Badly maintained fans can significantly impact on conditions in the working environment and could lead to action being taken against the owners.

Deluxe Maintenance Services offer scheduled specialist maintenance packages to eliminate these possibilities, whilst ensuring the safety of the kitchen, the staff and the ventilation of the workplace.


General Kitchen and Equipment Cleaning

Deluxe Maintenance Services maintain and inspect the whole commercial kitchen area.  This includes the cleaning and electrical inspection of all equipment including ovens, hobs, dishwashers, storage units etc.

General cleaning of the commercial kitchen can also include regular upkeep of the floors, wall and surfaces.  This makes the whole kitchen a safe, hygienic place to carry out food preparation, ensuring health and safety for the staff and patrons.

Food contamination is the highest concern for Health and Safety authorities, making it one of the major reasons for closure and prosecutions.

Deluxe Maintenance Services offer packages to ensure that regular cleaning and maintenance is carried out to avoid the risks of contamination, poor working conditions and injury.


Filter Installation and Sales

The filters in the canopies and extractor fans take the brunt of filtering out the grease and wasted materials that are normally generated in any commercial kitchen.  If the filters are clogged, damaged or inefficient in any other way, the exhaust process will be compromised.

It is imperative in any kitchen environment to ensure the filters are properly maintained, cleaned or replaced on a regular basis.

Deluxe Maintenance are specialists and can offer programs to inspect and maintain the filtration systems to ensure maximum efficiency and safety in your kitchen.

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