Exhaust Fan and Ductwork Cleaning

Did you know exhaust fan and ductwork cleaning are more than often cleaned less frequently than canopy or filter counterparts? Exhaust fans and ductwork are often neglected and overlooked. However, maintaining it can extend the life of your exhaust equipment and improve the kitchen air quality and ventilation.

Scheduled cleaning of exhaust fans and ducts will allow the equipment to perform at the optimal level and improve longevity. When grime and grease build up in the exhaust fan and ductwork it forces the equipment to work harder. Overtime, the build up of grime and grease will congest the ducts and the fans become less effective that will lead to creating poor air and ventilation in the kitchen. This will result in poor kitchen practise standards in accordance with the Australian Health and Safety Standard.

Exhaust fans and ducts can also be the culprit of spreading grease and grime across the kitchen walls, surface, and floor. This will make the cleanliness of the kitchen poor as well as shortening the life of your kitchen investments and equipment and welcome pests and parasites.

Our Exhaust fan and Ductwork Cleaning services include::

● Removal and decongestion of duct

● Deep cleaning of all ducts including roofing, air-con ducts and their filters

● Cleaning of exhaust fans and motors

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