Deluxe Maintenance is a family run business focused on providing you with the best cleaning services for your commercial kitchen and restaurant spaces. We have many years of experience under our belt. This helps us understand the importance of a clean and hygienic kitchen and preparation space. Most kitchens are extremely prone to constant buildup of grease and dirt due to everyday use and infrequent cleaning. From canopy filter cleaning to electrical maintenance, we can be your one stop shop for premium quality maintenance services in Melbourne provided at nominal prices.

In addition to providing high quality cleaning services, Deluxe Maintenance employees also include registered electrical contractors. Which means if you need any rewiring or upkeep done for your electrical setups, we have got you covered.

Whether it is:

● Upgrading or replacing your switchboards

● Rewiring your electrical systems

● Installing additional lights and providing system upgrades

● Additional troubleshooting and testing for new and previous installations

Kitchen Duct Cleaning Services

Our services are available to restaurateurs of all sizes. We have a strong team that are experts in understanding your needs thanks to the many businesses we help maintain on a daily basis.

We have long lasting relationships with our customers due to our excellent services and dedication to the job. At Deluxe Maintenance, we work according to your preferences and not the other way around.

Our services provide our customers with the option of:

● Flexible booking options and working around your schedules to get the job done

● Scheduling services on a regular basis or custom booking when required

● Detailed reports to show before and after and all progress post our inspection and implementation of maintenance tasks

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Frequently Asked Questions

A kitchen canopy or a kitchen hood is a device that has a mechanical fan hangs above the cooktop. This kitchen canopy helps in the removal of steam, smoke, heat and more from the air by evacuation of air.
To clean a kitchen canopy, you should first put the dirty filters in water and ensure that they are completely covered. Once they soak for 10 minutes, then you should scrub the filters with a non-abrasive scrub brush.
If your kitchen canopy is used frequently, then you should clean your kitchen canopy at least twice a year. Hence, kitchen canopies serving moderate-volume cooking operations like in restaurants need to be cleaned semiannually.